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Everybody feels that sort of wondrous revitalizing feeling when spring comes along. Buds are starting to peep out, the lush greenness of nature swinging back to its energetic vibes, the wind chill dying down from its prior immensity. Truly, spring is loved by most; but with the life brought by spring comes also the minor hassles – such as pollen. As you know, pollen in the air may cause allergic reactions, which may be especially detrimental to the elderly and the youth. If you think that pollen can’t get in your house, then you might want to think again.

Faulty air filters, due to lack of maintenance or outright extended use over its usable life, have significantly reduced abilities to remove particulate matter in the air, leading to the proliferation of pollen, microbes and airborne substances in your home. These air filters are typically made out of fibrous materials, such as paper, cotton or foam, which, in their form can capture airborne substances. More advanced air filters however, employ more sophisticated and efficient methods such as an electrostatic air filter, which uses apt bursts of energy to trap particulate matter.

Take note that a lot of your air circulation appliances at home have different air filters, and all of them have to be maintained. Always use original and trusted brands in replacing your filters such as the Honeywell furnace filterfor replacing that dirty furnace filter, or Honeywell humidifier filter for your humidifier. Never compromise with cheaper, untested brands, because your family’s health might just depend on it.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. Furnace filtersneed to be replaced periodically to prevent build-up of particulates from its air intake. Get yours now from Your Filter Connection.

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