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ALMONDS.Blossom Almond trees

The wild form of the original almond, as we know it today,  grow in Levant in the  Mediterranean area, and was probably first cultivaed in that area, as they were gathered for food they  were probably roasted to remove the toxicity. It is suggested that the domesticated almonds appear as  early as the early BRONZE AGE between 3000-2000 BC in the near east, or even earlier. The fruit found in the tomb of Tutankhamun’s tomb (c 1325BC ), is the best known archeological example of the almond, and was probably imported to Egypt from Levant. the trend of importing the plant to a great extent now means that the almond is grown in Morroco, Spain, Turkey, Potugal as well as the U.S.A. mainly concentrated in California, almond being the 6th leading agricultural product from the state.

Pollination for such a vast expanse of almonds inAlmond nutsCalifornia, requires the resources of beekeepers from as many as 38 states, as nearly half of the hives (approximately one million) are moved to the area in February, managed by pollination brokers, it is the largest managed pollination in the world. there are two forms of almond, the sweet almond, usually having a white blossom, and produces, (from the kernel) fixed oil and emulsion, which was used up to the early 20th century as a medicne, and then fell out of favour with doctors, but is still used in alternative medicines ,and in aromatherapy as a carrier oil.

Whilst the bitter almond is broader and shorter than the sweet almond. WARNING, the bitter almond can produce 6-8Shelled Almondspercent PRUSSIC ACID a small dose can have severe effects, whilst a large dose could be DEADLY!!

Edgar Cayce known as the father of American holistic medicine recommended the sweet almonds diets to improve the complextion, eliminations through the colon and even prevent cancer,  further research has shown that almonds may help in lowering the blood prescence of HDLs and LDLs.

The almond is a deciduous tree, with the fruit also known as an almond, although native  to southwest Asia  are happy with hot dry summer weather, the cultivated variety can ripen fruit as far north as the British Isles. The trees which grow well in the desert can be as tall as 30 feet but require two varieties to pollinate enabling fruit to ripen. alternatively choose “Nonpareil” or “Ne Plus Ultra” and they act as a pollinator for each other, on the other hand the “All In One” will pollinate either of these trees.

The ALL IN ONE almond tree is a self pollinator that grows to 15 feet and likes fast draining soil.

ROBIN another almond tree is roted on stock to give a height of 12-15 feet but can be pruned to a height of 6 – 8 feet. the fruit of the almond are large soft shelled nuts and look like clusters of small green peaches dependant on the age or the tree, in summer the green coat splits and peels showing the nut in its shell,. remember those adverts showing an elderly lady shaking a tree in Italy so the men could collect the fruit in their jars?, well belive me or not the best way to reap the fruit, is to lay a cover, plastic, sacking or some other material on the ground and shake the tree, but do remember to wear your crash helmet.                FRED

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