Animals reaction to electric fences

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Animals reaction to electric fences

Written by Farm Supply Store

Electric fences that are used in farms perform as a psychological barrier in order to keep farm animals secure within the boundary of the farm property while keeping wild animals away from the farm. The range of the electric fence depends on the size of your farm. Some electric fences have a long range. These operate by receiving a pulse from an electric fence charger which is located on the ground. Once an animal gets in contact with the pulse, a sharp but safe shock is sent to them. This shock psychologically train them to avoid the boundary of the farm.

As the electric fence requires only one or two pulse to effectively function as a psychological barrier, a great power intensity is not required for it to work properly. The electric fence installation, however, needs to be well designed to absorb weather pressures and any shock from the animals. The charger also needs to generate enough power to cater for the length of the fence and the number of animals contained.

Livestock fencing is an economical solution for enclosing animals and keeping predators away. These are easy to set up and tend to last longer than normal fences just because animals would be avoiding them. These types of fences can also be used when growing vegetables in order to keep rabbits and rodents at bay. Even small gardens benefit from electric fences.

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