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I used to think  “that an apple a day kept the doctor away”, but now, research at The University of Glasgow U K., has shown that some types of cider have high levels of Phenolic atioxidants, that may be linked to protect the body from diseases such as strokes and cancer. (There was me thinking that you drank cider to become “merry”) What an excuse to have a glass or two. When volounteers were required to find the way that the body absorbed the antioxidants, there was no shortage.

Whilst there are trees specially grown for the making of cider, you should be aware that most, if not all, apple trees can be used in the making of cider, but some are better adapted to cider because of:- acidity, sweetness (sugar content) break down in pulp, and possibly other reasons.  Yes I have made cider in years of past, with sucess!

I have selected a trees suitable for cider making, which will give results for your intended brew, however my experience of which type should be included is limited so I would appreciate those of you who have used different apples,to those shown below, to send me information on the type you have used to make your “elexir”, and I will be happy to include them, adding your name and country, so others may try your “mix” to make even better flavoured drinks.

When facts are sought on cider in general it is suprising, the number of countries that  produce cider and some of the various drinking habits. For instance, the U.K. produces  500,000,000 litres of cider a year, (no I did not drink it all, even though cider is generally  stronger than beer 5 %).

Cider days or festivals are Held in different countries to allow the tasting or sampling of the different varieties, (Who needs a special day) as well as perries and various  other  drinks. Usually held later in the year after the crops have been processed. I am well aware of  the differing  of palates  from some  people like a sweet drink or a dry taste, and  that some  people will buy a crab apple  tree for the ornamental  effect in their garden,  so I have taken  the liberty of listing the crab apples in their groups of  flavour. On the other  hand if you do not  want to make cider, nip over to the UK and help them drink the 110 million gallons they make each year.



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