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A variety of apple sometimes chosen as a decorative treApple COURT PENDU PLATe, which initially picked,  tastes fruity with a pineapple ascidic flavour, but as the apple matures it mellows to a sweet  flavour apple, light red flush on on yellow skin. Frost resistant and ideal for colder areas.

Apple COX

 Apple COX                This is a variety of apple which is self fertilising but is better if a pollinator is nearby, this being an old variety, raised around 1825, but is still unique as the apple is tender and juicy, with an aromatic flavour. whilst a compact yet heavy bearing apple tree it should not be grown in wet or cold soils, (these type of  soils affect the root system).


This is a heavy cropping apple and forms in spurs on the branches, a French variety, producing sweet, crisp and tasty apple, usually of medium size, although a self pollinator, this apple tree will be better with  another pollinator. This apple is bright red in  colour with white flecks on the skin.


Apple DISCOVERY               A very regular heavy cropping apple type, which are crispy, juicy and sweet as well as aromatic, with a suggestion of strawberry flavour, whilst the flesh of the apple is usually stained red. Although it has moderate growth, it is a popular commercial and garden variety of apple. Frost resistant and is suitable for colder areas. This apple tree requires a pollinator.


A good cropping apple tree, moderately vigorous, and produces firm golden russet  apples which are highly flavoured, of medium size. Frost resistant and are suitable for colder areas. Self fertile but is better apple fruiting with another pollinator.


Apple ELLISON'S ORANGE              An apple variety from Lincolnshire U.K. recorded in 1904. Although the Ellison’s Orange  apple is crisp, it has a soft melting  juicy flesh and a rich aromatic flavour tasting of aniseed. Also a hardy apple it is easy to grow and very prolific with its cropof apples, frost resistent and is suitable for colder regions, the skin is greenish yellow streaked with red.


The apple Elstar is a variety related to the Golden Delicious apple. Was originally bred in Holland and now grown widely throughout Europe. Having retained the juicy crisp sweetness, making it a popular apple. Noted for being able to keep for up to 4 months.

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