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Malus GOLDEN DELICIOUS. (Yellow Delicious)Apple Trees Golden Delicious

A seedling fromAnderson Mullins farm in Clay County, West Virginia 1912. Thought to be a cross between Golden Reinette and Grimes Golden, a large fruit with a conical/round shape, with skin smooth golden yellow and occaisional russet patches. Having a flesh of yellow that is not only sweet and mild, but crisp and juicy.


Apple Tree Golden Nugget          With parents of Cox’s Orange and Golden Russet, from Nova Scotia in 1932. Although small in size, this apple retains the rich flavour of the cross. Having a yellow russet streaked  and splashed with orange skin, with flesh that has a hint of tang but sugary sweet, great for not only eating but used in sauce, pies, apple butter but for cider also.

Malus GOLDEN PEARMAIN. (Yellow Pearmain, Clarke’s Pearmain).Apple Golden Pearmain

The true origins of this apple seem to be lost, but is thought to be one of the original apples grown ai Thomas Jefferson’s orchards in Monticello. A medium sized friut that can appear to be conical in shape, with a skin of golden orange, marbled and striped with bronze and red. Having a yellow flesh, which is firm, fine grained, crisp and juicy.


Golden Pippin                First introduced in Sussex U.K. 1629, and known in America in 1880, a distinct apple from the better known English variety, English Golden Pippin. Which is a large round type fruit of uniform shape, having a gold green skin,which ripens to a deep gold colour, having a yellowy type flesh which is both juicy and tender, not only good for eating but is also excellent for baking.

Malus GOLDEN RUSSET. (Fox Apple, Bullet Pippin, Long Tom,)

Once source descibes this apple:- as one of the first varietieApple trees Golden Russets to originate in North  America. Whilst another states it is an old Southern apple originating in Burlington County, New Jersey, and a famous  Southern apple. ( If I am advised of the correct origins, I will certainly ammend the facts).  An apple with versatility as it is noted, not only for fresh eatingand drying but also for it being used to make hard cider, for it is able to produce cider with up to 7% alcohol. A medium sized oblong/round shape, with skin of pale yellow and a rough golden russet coating, and flesh which is yellow,dense, firm and juicy crisp.

Malus GOLDEN SWEET. (Summer Sweet, Early Golden Sweet, Golden Sweeting).Apple Trees Golden Sweet

Although it is thought to have originated in Connecticut, the true origins are not known. A medium to large fruit with a thin waxy smooth yellow skin, the yellow flesh firm, juicy, and aromatic, but extra ordinarily sweet, for there is little or no acid to balance the sweetness, described as tasting a spoonful of honey.

Malus GRAVENSTEIN. ( Early Congress, Banks Red Gravenstein.Apple Trees Graenstein)

Thought to have originated with Duke Augustenburg Graefenstein, Germany, around the 1600s, it was introduced to the United States by Russian Settlers in the 1820s. A funny lopside to oblong fruit, with skin of bright yellow having a pink/orange flush and red striping. the tender, creamy yellow flesh is aromatic, crisp and juicy.

Malus GRIMES GOLDEN (Bellflower, Grimes Golden Pippin.)

Apple trees Grimes Golden                    Grimes Golden is one of the parents of the very popular Golden Delicious, having originated from Brooks County, West Virginia in 1790. a medium to large fruit that is slightly oblong to round, with a yellow tough skin having patches or russet. The yellow/orange flesh is tender, aromatic, highly flavoured,juicy and crisp.

The origins of the many apples is interesting to read about for whilst some of the apples have not strayed far from home, many have travelled the seas into the hands of horticulturalists,  many of whom have given us the wonderful varieties now available. Yet the growers are still trying to give us different varieties by grafting onto other stocks which will be dwarf, slow growing, self pollinating, etc., I can only offer top marks to them for giving us such a wide selection.        FRED.

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