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A cross between Blenheim Orange and Newton Wonder, first raised in the oApple Trees Howgate Wonderrchard of G. Wratton in 1915, in Howgate Lane ( from where the name arrived) on the Isle of Wight U.K., and introduced in 1932. A recent specimen was submitted to the Guiness Book of Records, (as the largest apple ever grown) which weighed 3pounds 1 ounce (1.38 Kgs) A pale green skin ripens to pale yellow,  flushed and striped with brown red ripening to an orange-red. Very pleasant, sweet and juicy when eaten fresh, keeping it’s shape when cooked, and is both fluffy and light, not a good apple for keeping.

MApple Trees James Grievealus JAMES GRIEVE

Bred in Edinburgh in the late 1800s, this fine Scottish apple, although having a tart,  juicy flesh, and bruises easily when handled, Not a good apple for storing, (like most of the early varieties) and should only be kept for 3 to 4 weeks, but James Grieve is good for both cooking and eating.Apple Trees Jonagold


Golden Delicious certainly gets around, for this is yet another of it’s hybrids. Having a yellowish with green tinged skin with creamy white flesh, this large apple has superb flavour  and can be used both as an eater as well as a cooker.

Apple Trees Katy Malus KATY

From Sweden (Katja) and raised in1947, has a crisp juicy flavour, which has a hint  of strawberries. Originally a cross between  James Grieve and  Worcester  Pearmain, this is a hardy, heavy cropper with bright red fruit, not only good as an eating apple but also for juicing. Frost  resistant and suitable for colder regions. This plant requires a pollinator.

Malus KIDD’S ORANGE REDAppleTrees Kidd's Orange Red

In 1924 James Kidd raised this variety in New Zealand, and is a regular heavy cropper,  has a crisp sweet very aromatic flavoured flesh which mellows to an unusual flowery taste, making it one of the finest for flavour. With skin of yellow flushed with red,it is a heavy cropper but requires a pollinator.

To sample all of the different varieties of apples (7500) it would cetainly take a long time, but think of what is said about an apple a day, ( and there is a lot of them), you could eat healthy and eventually find that perfect one for you.

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