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Malus NEWTOWN PIPPIN (Albemarle).Apple tree Newtown Pippin

Grown widely in the Eastern United States at the end of the18th century and by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, this is a famous American and historical apple  variety originating around the 1700s from the village of Newtown Long Island. Having firm crisp, juicy, flesh and it’s own distinctive taste.

Malus NApple tree Old non pareilON PAREIL.

Originating in England back in the 1600s it makes this variety one of the oldest varieties known in the U.K. Although of small size, with yellow to greenish skin, which turns orange on ripening and with russeting, I can only descibe the taste as wonderful.


(No not James Bond) Although an old variety and used for many years to Apple tree Northern Spymake the best of apple pies of the season, this apple is also enjoyed as a dessert apple. the first seedlings were thought to have been grown in Connecticut. Around 1800 it was then  taken  to New York where it was raised by Heman Chapin in East Bloomfield. ( Heman Chapin was  also responsible for the varieties Melon and Early Joe, A statue being errected to  honour him and his work with apples, by the Ontario County Fruit Growers Association). The large fruit is a good storer with a tender skin that can bruise easily. This tree is also available on dwarfing rootstock, which could make it “one for the patio”.


Gold crest birds like ripe fruit                        A cross between Northern Spy and Wagener, this apple was introduced in  1820 by Charles Arnold or Paris, Ontario, producing a large fruit with a yellowy skin having splashes of bright red and carmine, and flesh white to yellow which is aromatic, fine grained and juicy. Classed as all purpose, this apple holds it’s  shape when cooked in pies and good for  cider making.

Have you tried one of all the previous mentioned apples yet? all I want you to do is eat healthy, and enjoy fruit. How about making a small salad ( I say small as you will see why!)  of the normal things like lettuce, tomatoes, celery, beetroot,  sliced onion and whatever  other ingredients you would normally use, then add:- slices of apple, a little pineapple, some  peach, and  whatever fruit you think tasty,  ( now you understand why I said a small salad).  You have now made a Tropical salad Which if you select  whilst dining out costs money, I  would also be prepared to state that you may not be able to find it at your local restaurant. Remember eat healthy.                                    FRED

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