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A winter hardy apple bearing medium sized fruit having a green skin when  picked the colour colour changes to a yellow background, with both bright red and darker red striping. Flesh which is yellowish with a pleasant sub acid flavour becomes more juicy and has more flavour after storage.


Possibly a decendant of Snow, due to the area in which it was found and the similarity of  the flesh. An all purpose apple, with skin that is virtually covered all over with bright scarlet splashes and streaking. Having flesh of pure white which is tender, sub acid, crisp, tender and juicy. A seedling  discovered in Leeds County,  Ontario, near Brockville. Whilst a  fairly hardy tree it is both  vigorous, upright, and very productive with a tendency to overbear.


Malus SEEK no FURTHER. (Westfield).Apple tree Seek No Further

A medium sized, conical fruit, having a yellowy green skin that is flushed orange and striped carmineand has at times light russet patches. With a yellow white flesh that is both tender, crisp and juicy although mildly astringent, with it’s own taste and aroma. Although known in Westfield,  Connecticut in 1796 tis apple is thought to be older. Both good for eating and cider making, it is not a good cooking variety.


This tree grows both upright and vigorous, yielding fruit with a yellowish skin that is covered with stripes and a mottling of dark crimson, with a pure white flesh that is fine grained crisp and juicy, with an excellent flavour, being a good all round apple it is useful for baking, cooking as well as a dessert apple. The parents of this fruit are thought to be Michigan and Snow, and has been known in Shiawassee County Michigan since 1850.

Malus SMOKEHOUSE.Apple tree Smokehouse

First grown near the smokehouse (hence the name) on th farm of William Gibbons near Millcreek, Pennsylvania, around 1800, but became better known by 1840. Possibly a seedling of Vandevere, it is a large fruit with a yellowy green skin that is flushed and striped red and carmine coupled with russet dots, whilst the yellow white flesh is sub acid, tender and crisp, being classed as an all rounder.

Malus SNOApple tree SnowW (Fameuse).

Brought as seeds from France around the early 1700s this heritage variety was grown along the St Lawrence river in Quebec, and possibly named after it’s snow white flesh, which has not only a  distinctive texture but it’s own distinctive taste, and is probably one of the parents of McIntosh.


Originated around 1936 from Summerland, B.C. and a cross between Apple tree SpartanMcIntosh and Yellow Summertime Pippin, this is a good all purpose apple of medium size, having skin with a background colour of yellow and green patches with a bright red flush, and flesh which is firm white that is both aromatic and a great taster. This apple if stored under the right conditions can be kept for up to 10 months.

Malus SApple tree SpitzenborgPITZENBURG (ESOPUS).

From ESOPUS, Ulster County New York in the mid 1700s (and one of Thomas   Jefferson’s favourites), hard oblong shaped friut with a lively red/scarlet skin and yellow flesh that is spright, richly  flavoured, and juicy, that improves with storage.If picked before ripening, it will store well.

Malus STARR (Early Greening).

This is an apple that often of a quite large size, and can be 10-12 inches in circumference  originated in the late 1700s from John Starr’s farm at Woodburg, New Jersey. At one time it was  marketed as Early Greening in the south. If you wish to use this apple for cooking, pick it early when it is green, but if you let it ripen it turns a slight yellow, becoming tender but fairly crisp, juicy and crisp.


Now this is a verry old English variety, medium/large in size, and an excellent cropper, with a yellow green skin that is striped and flushed red with a tart, crisp, sweet and juicy flesh.

Malus SWARR.Apple tree Swaar

Originating In the1700s or possibly earlier this apple was brought by Dutch settlers around the 1770s, to the Hudson River Valley, New York. (Swaar, means heavy apple, in Dutch).  Having a rough yellowish green skin with some russet spots, but a creamy white flesh, both spicy sweet and aromatic. if stored the flavour improves and mellows giving it a pear like flavour.

Malus SWAYZIE RUSSET (Swayzie Pomme Gris).

Apple tree Swayzie Russet             There are various claims on the origination, as one suggestion is that it originated with  Colonel Swayzie near Niagra, yet another claim that it originated from New York in 1872. Stated to be the best Winter choice of dessert apples for December/January, if kept in a cool dark cellar, allowing it’s crisp texture and excellent flavour can be preserved, having a deep golden yellow skin with cinnamon russeting, and a white, crisp juicy flesh that is both fine grained, spright and aromatic.

Malus SWEET BOUGH.Apple tree Sweet Bough

First noted from the U.S.A. in 1817 This tree is both productive and has some disease resistance. The large apple produced is an early season sweet dessert Having a pale green to yellow skin an flesh that is all of sweet, juicy crisp, with a honeyed sweetness.


Appletree Swiss Limbertwig                           Swiss Limbertwig is known to have originated in the Cumberland Mountains, with  the Swiss settlers. The Limbertwig group of apples, have thin limber branches that have a weeping appearance, Most of the varieties originated from the states of The Carolinas, Kentucky and Tennessee. The Swiss Limbertwig produces a medium sized fruit with a purplish maroon skin  and a yellowish,  hard, aromatic but juicy flesh.

If you have tried this one, there are only around 7,499 other varieties you can try.

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