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Malus YELLOW BELLFLOWER (Bishops Pippin).

Although of unknown age, it’s origins date before 1817, and is  probably Apple tree Yellow Bellflowerthe parent  of  Red Delicious from Burlington,  New Jersey. A small to  medium sized fruit that is conical and usually  ribbed, having  a pale yellow skin, often blushed red,  with a yellow/white flesh  that is aromatic, firm,  crisp and juicy. If stored the flavour mellows. This variety is popular on the east coast under the name of Bishops Pippin, a good all purpose apple and excellent for cider.


Apple tree York Imperial             Originally named Johnsons Fine Winter, This apple was from the Johnson farm near York Pennsylvania 1830, and then in the 1850s Charles Downing called it “an imperial  keeper” and  suggested it be called York Imperial. The shape is described as Oblate-oblique to an oval oblong shape,  which are medium to large in size, having a yellowy green skin with a light red flush and carmine stripes and russet dots. Although a coarse textured flesh, it has a spright sub acid to sweet flavour and is both crisp and juicy.

Malus ZABERGAU REINETTE.Apple tree Zabergau Reinette

In 1885 this apple was raised from seed at Hausen on the Zaber, Wurttember, in Germany. It produces a round to conical shaped fruit, that has yellowy green skin flushed orange and bright red stripes with a rough brown to yellow russeting. the fine grained, yellow flesh is firm with a sub acid flavour, described as rich and nutty.

Although this is the final page on dessert apples you can see why there are a lot of descriptions. I hope that those I have chosen from the many include your favourite variety, if I have excluded your favourite please contact me with a picture and desciption, allowing me to be let off your hook for I will include it and credit the desciption to your name and  country.                                         FRED.

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