Artificial Grass Used to Landscape Active Adult Communities

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Artificial grass is a cost-effective, maintenance-free landscaping solution for active adult communities and retirement homes.

For decades, synthetic grass has been used to landscape homes and commercial properties across the nation. Homeowners use it to create lush, beautiful lawns or landscape their pools, while businesses use it to beautify retail spaces and commercial properties. But another group of consumers is saying yes to artificial grass landscaping: senior citizens. A growing number of retired adults are choosing to landscape their homes with synthetic grass. Synthetic grass is also being used as a viable landscaping solution for active adult communities and retirement homes.

Compared to natural grass lawns and landscaping projects, synthetic turf is maintenance-free, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. Here is a look at the benefits of installing fake grass in active adult communities and retirement homes.

Beautiful Landscapes without the Work

One of the main reasons synthetic grass appeals to senior citizens is because it is maintenance-free. A natural grass lawn or backyard landscape requires a lot of work. But if you’re retired, the last thing you want to do is spend all your time mowing the lawn. While a natural grass lawn requires regular upkeep (including watering, mowing, fertilizers, pesticides, and weeding) to look its best, synthetic turf remains intact and beautiful without any work.

Artificial Grass Saves Money

There is no doubt that many senior citizens and retired adults are on fixed incomes. For this reason, many have cut costs across the board, including yard maintenance. It’s no longer practical to hire someone to mow the lawn or trim the rose bushes. The good news is that synthetic turf is more affordable to maintain than natural grass. Although artificial grass prices are costly up front, the product is cheaper to maintain in the long run and the product pays for itself in maintenance and water. In addition to saving money for property owners, artificial grass saves money for business owners who run retirement communities and retirement homes. If you operate a retirement community, you can landscape the property with fake grass to save money on lawn care and meet budget requirements. It’s a fast way to beautify the property and create a relaxing outdoor area for retirees.

Artificial Grass is Eco-Friendly

Finally, another reason why people love fake grass is because it is healthy for the environment. Unlike natural grass lawns, fake grass doesn’t require a lot of water. A growing number of eco-conscious senior citizens are using synthetic turf because it eliminates the need to use lawn mowers. It also eliminates the need for harmful pesticides and herbicides.


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