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Aubergines, appear to be a mystery to many people, some will say they know about them, but are unsure how aubergines should be used, whilst others are not aware of the health benefits, or the taste of aubergines.

First of all let me clear up some of the unknoAubergine or Egg lant flowerwn, aubergines can be:- fried, pickled, stuffed (with meat, rice, or many other fillings and then baked), made into dips, sliced, battered then deep fried. On the other hand if aubergines are over cooked they turn mushy and can be used in soups. Used in Indian cuisine, such as sambhar, chutney, curries and oil preserver/aachaar, or served steamed like French rataouille, or even like Greek moussaka. So you have a wide range in the way aubergines can be cooked.

A WARNING:- if you are thinking of frying or sauteeing, aubergines can soak up the fat like blotting paper, (suggestions to counter this effect is to rub olive oil on them and fry lightly, or after cooking to cover them with salt  [ this will absorb the fat] then wash the salt off).

The health benefits of the aubergine, are the fact that they contain phosphorus, beta carotene, calcium and folic acid, coupled with the fact that the aubergine is not only low in nitrates, but is one of the  vegetables with the lowest calorie count.

First cultivated by the Chinese in the 5th century, aubergines were introduced to Spain and Italy and then to eastern and southern parts of europe. Very much like other vegetables aubergines have differing names which include :- Brinjal, Squash or Egg plant, the aubergines (unlike their nearest relatives, peppers and tomatoes) are slower to grow so if you are thinking of starting a crop of aubergines it would pay you to start them under glass before either planting out or in a poly tunnel, of course all dependant on the local  temperatures.

The aubergines I have listed are amongst the best, being  both early and reliable croppers:-

AUBERGINE Baby Rosanna. F1.

Aubergine Baby rosanna                     Baby Rosanna produce an abundance of aubergines, that are  golf ball sized and bitter free, in summer, A dwarf variety of aubergines, that can be grown in a pot or planter on the patio. the other good thing about this aubergine is the ability to hold it’s colourand flavour after picking.

AUBERGINE Black Beauty.

Black Beauty aubergines grow on a sturdy planAubergine Black Beautyt,  (something to think about if you wish to plant the aubergine outside , where there may be winds). Producing an excellent quality of abundant aubergines, which are an early maturing crop, with a tasty, blackish purple, pear shaped aubergine.

AUBERGINE De Barbentane.

Aubergine De Barbentane                    An aubergine fropm France, that appears to grow  quickly, producing black skinned cylindrical aubergine with a white flesh,  although one that can be grown outdoors in France, I would recommend  that this aubergine is grown under cover in a poly tunnel or similar, gives better results, this of course will depend on your local weather conditions. An early ripening aubergine, that will consitantly produce a high yield of  good flavoured  aubergines.

AUBERGINE Long Diamond.Aubergine Long Diamond

From the Ukraine, the Long Diamond aubergine is one of the  better north european varieties, as this aubergine is reported to be  particularly adaptable to the shorter or cooler summers. Long Diamond poduces an aubergine about 3 inches wide by 6 inches long, with a dark purple skin,  each of the plump aubergines have a soft green flesh with no bitterness.

AUBERGINE Graffitti.

Aubergine Graffitti                    The aubergine Graffitti, looks as though it was painted  by an artist, coloured purple and then lightly brushed white along it’s  length, The aubergine is similar in taste and shape to other purple  aubergines, as well as eatingand due to it’s colour, this is an aubergine that  can be used for decorating dishes.

AUBERGINE Moneymaker F1.

Although Moneymaker is a sub-tropical varietAubergine Moneymakery of  aubergine, it can be grown in either a poly tunnel or greenhouse, producing  early, the  aubergines should be picked when they are a uniform deep  purple, and if  you limit the number of aubergines on each plant to 3 or 4 you will have good sized aubergines, that can be used for stuffing as well  as the various ways to cook.

AUBERGINE Purple Zebra.

Aubergine Purple Zebra                   Another aubergine that looks like an artist painted it,  with a taste in common to all purple Aubergines, and with a colour to  enhance any dish with the usual elongated pear shape its another fruit that if  limited to 3 or 4 per plant the aubergines will be pumper.


AUBERGINE Thai Long Green.

Aubergine Thai Long Green        I felt that I must include this aubergine, for when this  aubergine is growing it can look like a banana, and that would bring a look  of suprise from your neighbours, for this aubergine is long and curved with  a pale green flesh, with a white creamy flesh, oh and if you want to know:- yes! it tastes just like other aubergines.

A popular aubergine in Louisiana U.S.A, and  Thailand, it is now grown in the U.K. and has proved to be an early,  good tasting aubergine.

Still not sure about aubergines? As I have suggested before, go to your local supermarket (they probably may not have all the types of aubergine I have suggested, but select two or three, and try them in different recipes, this is one way to select which type of aubergine to grow in your garden.

Perhaps you are the lady of the house in which case if there is a variety of aubergine you prefer try adding to a salad or similar and see if someone in your family makes a comment on the aubergine, if not at least you tried to give him/them a tastier/healthy food!

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