Best Books to Teach You Gardening

May 5, 2016 by

By Phin Upham

Gardening is a difficult, yet rewarding hobby. It’s one part pastime, one part food production. Doing it properly, and sustainably, is where the challenge truly comes into play. Like anything worth learning, your best bet is to consult the pros who have already travelled the road you’re set to walk down. With that in mind, these manuals will provide deep insight into the art of gardening.

The Urban Farmer

For those who want to take farming seriously, Curtis Stone offers a practical guide to leasing or borrowing land you can use to grow food. The practical guide uses hands on lessons to teach you gardening and farming techniques, while also emphasizing the business aspect of food production. Beginning with the premise that every lawn is untapped potential, this book promises a new spin on what it means to garden in a big city.

New Organic Grower

Eliot Coleman is something of a demigod in the world of gardening, and nearly all of his books function like tomes of knowledge for those of all skill levels. New Organic Grower is no exception. Coleman goes into detail showing how to grow sustainable and top-quality organic vegetables. He even provides insight into the marketing and business side of farming. Using this book, you’ll learn how to fertilize your soil naturally, and how to create a garden designed to be moved.

You should also try out The Four Season Farm Gardener’s Cookbook, which walks you through everything from planting to cooking. There are more than 100 recipes, which detail how your garden can become a bounty of food.

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