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CIDER APPLES. Bitter sweet.

If you are looking through these pages to find an apple to make your “elixir”,  you  may consider the use of one or more apples to mix  together (blend), so you may have the right taste for your “brew” whether it is sharper or sweeter.Ashmeads Kernal used for Bitter sweet cider


A fresh firm and crisp apple which can also be eaten as a dessert apple, having a green.yellow skin, with a flush of orange/brown. Aromatic and sweet.


Brown Snout an apple to yeild Bitter sweet cider          Tending to produce a small conical fruit with a slightly waxy skin, having a slight flush of orange, with a russet corona around the eye (giving it it’s name), and having a white soft flesh that is dry with slight astringency

BULMER’S NORMAN.Bitter sweet cider from Bulmer's Norman

Another medium to large sized fruit but is more conical in shape, having a smooth, and what appears to be a waxy yellowish green skin over a  white flesh that is both sweet and astringent.

Bitter sweet cider wth aroma from Chisel Jersey  CHISEL JERSEY.

This is a green skin with red flush, medium sized fruit, and  is used to make cider due to it’s full body, aroma, coupled with a good flavour.


A cross between Ben Nevis and McIntosh, OCortland produces a bitter sweet ciderriginated from New York state. With a skin that is a gorgeous dark red to purpleish, and a clear white skin, which if picked early, tends to be slightly tart, but if allowed to mature more, it develops to a honey like sweetness.


Dabinett makes a good bitter sweet cider                       Somerset in the U.K. appears to be where the cider originated due to the amount to the  amount of cider apples grown in the area, such as this green/yellow with a red blush, small to medium fruit, that has a green to white slightly crisp flesh that produces a sweet astringent juice.

IDA RED.Ida Red is useful for both cider and cullinary uses

An apple raised by Johnathan Wagener, having a red or bright red skin and yellow spots, with a firm juicy flesh, useful not only fior cider, but desserts and cooking in general.

Winesap apples for bitter sweet cider   WINESAP.

An apple used in cider making, due to it’s spicy yet tart  flavour, ( and also used in varying ways from salads to baking. due to a colour deep violet/red colour).

YARLINGTON MILL.Yarlington mill a very useful cider apple

A medium sized conical fruit, being an old variety appears to be a common feature in the  farmyards of Somerset, having a smooth waxy skin, that is lightly striped dark red.

Having experienced the making of cider ( through my son) and having made liqueurs and wine myself, you find that you cannot wait for the results to mature, with great expectations, usually it is so good that you find yourself starting on the next “larger” batch straight away, (for at this stage you have drunk most if not all of your first production) with the pleasant thought of spending time either making or drinking.                           FRED.

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