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The fruit ranges in size from small to medium size with a smooth or pitted crimson to blood coloured flesh and medium to deep red juicy flesh. With three types (if not more).


Although the internal colour is not reliable, mainly reddish, the medium  sized fruit produced are sweet and full of flavour, originally from Itally.

Blood orange SANGUINELLO             SANGUINELLO.

Sanguinello Originated from Spain in 1929, it has a tender sweet flesh with few pips with reddish skin.and is classed as a blood orange, due to the flesh of Sanguinello as well as the juice being a blood colour, with a rich flavour.

MORO.Citrus fruit Moro

Although relatively new to the family of blood orange, it is sweet  flavoured with a hint of raspberry with a reddish orange skin but a deep purple  coloured flesh.


Clementine, Satsuma or Mandarin possibly a cross between a mandarin orange and an orange raised in 1902 by Pierre Clement an Algerian priest, or a hybrid dicovered by Father Clement Rodier in the garden of his orphanage in Algeria, with other claims that it was discovered much earlier in China, and yet it is  said that Mandarins and Satsumas are varieties of the Tangerine, I leave you to ponder the origins, personally I am happy to digest the fruit in any form.

Clementines are at times thought to be a tangerine, but with thinner skin the tangerine is a sweeter fruit with no pips.

GRAPEFRUIT.Citrus fruit includes Grapefruit

Originally known as a Shaddock until the 1800s is called the grapefruit due to the way the fruit clusters rather like grapes, there are three with different coloured flesh (dependant on the variety) of ruby or white or pink. Usually associated with breakfast and needing a sweetener, but high in vitamins C and A.

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Trust me there is even more to this list.         FRED

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