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As I have mentioned in the prevoius pages of citrus fruit, the pages are listed alfabetically to shorten the reading and to allow you not to be bored ( for in all honesty I am unable to write the thrillers that glue you to the pages,) but I do hope that the little humor included will assist you in your joices.

KUMQUAT.Kumquat ( Fortunella margarita) ( Fortunella margarita)

Sometimes spelt with a “C” rather than a “K”  is normally thought of as just the fruit whereas it implies the whole tree, which bears minature oval fruit,and depending on the variety with skin ranging in colour from red to yellow. Whilst the skin is sweet the fruit is tart. The tree is a slow gower but can reach  a height  between 2.5  and 4.5Kumquat (Fortunella margarita{ metres tall, often used as a decorative tree due to its flowers  being pure white on dense branches (some varieties having thorns), and the leaves of dark glossy green. Originating from China, cultivated both there and in Japan, and were introduced into Europe 1846 afterwards into North America. This fruit is best  purchased from a garden centre, rather than grown from seed as they thrive better on a grafted rootstock and do not thrive easily on their own roots.


The lemon tree can grow to a height of 20 feet (6Lemons on the treemetres) but are normally shorter, with thorney branches, alternatively the can be grown in a container or pot for raising on the patio or in a conservatory, this of course is dependant on the rootstock, which your garden centre will advise you on. You should also remember to prune them to the size you require. Do remember like all citrus trees, whether large or small, they need sunlight, and cannot stand frost, when watering they should be allowed to dry out before the next watering.

The citrus Lemon tree              An attractive tree with shiny green oval leaves set off by the white flowers that are violet streaked on the inside, also with the yellow ripe fruit, (sometimes with both fruit and flowers at the same time). Believed to originate in the Deccan Plateau of central India, cultivated in Genoa in the fifteeth century, lemons appeared in the Azores in 1494, and were much used by the British navy to combat scurvy. Much used today in the culinary field for sqeezing on fish or pancakes (with sugar added of course), also as lemonade or limeade.

Did you know that if you sprinkle lemon juice on cut fruit like apples, it stops the ( oxidation) fruit turning brown so the fruit does not look so good, try it yourself and the fruit not only looks good but the added lemon makes it taste, shall I say different, the main plus factor being the vitamin C in the juice.

LIMEQUAT.Limequats ripening

Like Orangequat and Calamondin, they are hybrids of the Kumquat and are known as Citrofortunella. An abundance of green yellow, oval fruit, containing no pips, with skin tasting sweet but a bitter sweet fruit, whilst the friut can be eaten whole, the juice is used in flavouring drinks or dishes, and like citrus fruit is full of vitamin”C”. Normally a small tree that grows in a bushy compact form that be grown that can be grown in pots or containers for both indoor or out, with provision the the temperature is between 10c to 30c, to keep its small shape pruning is necessary, and between waterings it should be allowed to dry oLimequat tree Eustisut.

With three different varieties, Lakeland, Tavares, Eustis appears to be the most popular. Originally from China, it is now grown in Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Spainand the U.K., whilst in he U.S.A., it is grown in both Florida and California.



LIME.Limes on the tree with flower

The lime tree produces small green fruit, ( not to mention the dwarf variety for patios and consevatories) are usually grown for their juice, which altGrowing Limeshough acdic though very tangy, are often associated with Asian dishes, but are used as a dash in cocktails or added to fish dishes giving them that extra zing.

So! you have cut the lawn carried out your mulching and composting, with the spare time why not relax with that cold drink and a slice of (your choice ) citrus fruit and some ice.

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