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You are already ahead of me, this is not a greeting, or a reference to your loved    one(s), or even a reference to theCitrus Fruit SWEETIEcandy/confectionery in the U.K. First cultivated 1984 in Israel, and a cross between a grapefruit and a pomelo, it has a light green skin,    thicker pith, and in all respects similar to a grapefruit but sweeter.       One to think about.


Citrus Fruit Tangerine               I have included details of this tree under Mikan and      Tangerine Orange showing the collection of different names used in different countries. The skin peels more readily than some citrus fruit, whilst  some of the varieties are a little sweeter, the tangerine (originally from tangier and ) is more sour compared with an orange, whilst the Honey Tangerine (originally called a Murcott) is very sweet, the  Fairchild Tangerine is another favourite. Always ask your garden centre for their advise on the type of fruit, whether it be as a standard   tree or a dwarf variety.


Not necessarily the right way to refer to youCitrus Fruit UGLIr loved one(s)   So called because of its appearance as it is a rough wrinkley skin which  is yellow greenish skin, and loose on a orange pulp, making up for its appearance, it has few pips than grapefruit with a taste towards tangerine ( it is a hybrid between grapefruit and tangerine, or pomelo). There are different opinions to its origin, as one says the   fruit was first raised in Browns Town in 1914, whilst another claims the fruit was found in the wild by the Sharp brothers in Jamaica in 1924. However the founders used the original and with crossing/grafting they have eliminated nearly all the pips and even      the thorns from the branches. In Jamaica where it is grown they call it a HOOGLEE.
With a description like that you would think  someone has  seen my photograph.

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