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Cobnuts very similar in appearance to hazelnuts, are mereley different strains of the same tree, hazelnuts often being called cobnuts and vise versa, and in their wild state can be seen in hedgerows, sometimes trained by farmers to act as an impenetrable hedge. One variety I have comeRipening Kentish Cobnuts (Filberts) across, which has been cultivated, Webb’s Prize, which not only is it self fertile and can be grown in cooler climates, but produces nuts larger and more sweeter than the hedgerow, but beware wildlife tend to like them when they are still green, so they can chew the Cobnuts on the treeshell as it is still soft, and gain access to the nut, which even though it is not ripe is still sweet to taste. Grows happily in full or part sunshine.

Cobnuts seem to be one of the favourite nuts (which can be stored for a very long time), that are kept for the Yuletide season.

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