Creating a School Garden

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Creating a School Garden

Creating a School Garden

Imagine a world where math teachers could help children understand how much fruit an acre of land would yield, and then estimate costs. Biology teachers would be able to show how vegetables and flowers grow, thrive and flourish, in their natural habitats. Kids are like sponges for knowledge, and an outdoor garden s the perfect way to appeal to those sensibilities. School from all over the United States are racing to adopt the practice of hosting a school garden.

Raise-Ground Gardens

The simplest way to accomplish a task like this is through raised-ground gardens. Easy to build and maintain, raised-ground gardens can be constructed to fit any space and do not require any changes made to the concrete on the playground. You can line the rim of the garden with custom outdoor cushions to construct an impromptu seating area.


Psychologists have recognized something called “nature deficit disorder,” and it’s particularly problematic for kids living in the city. These kids don’t go camping or play outdoors often enough, so they don’t experience the natural beauty of the world. Gardens on a school campus are no substitute for mountain ranges and natural plains, but they do offer children the opportunity to engage with nature and learn more about the world around them.

They are also practical for kids too. Schools can turn gardens into natural spaces for kids to eat or socialize. Ordering upholstery foam from Canada is affordable, and the foam is safe and resilient for outdoor use.

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