Dryfast Foam for Watercraft Cushions

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Dryfast Foam for Watercraft Cushions

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For personal watercrafts such as boats and yachts, Dryfast foam is a durable and affordable filling for custom cushions of all shapes, sizes, and styles, including L-shapes, T-shapes, boat mattresses, and rounded seat cushions. Boat owners can set sail in comfort knowing that their sturdy and long-lasting Dryfast foam cushions will be thoroughly protected from precipitation and moisture.


How does it work? Dryfast foam is typically used under Phifertex material or cushioning specifically designed to withstand considerable water damage—sometimes called “marine cushioning.” The unique Dryfast material is engineered and constructed with seafarers in mind, working actively to suppress bacterial growth when moisture is present. The cells that make up this type of foam are large and wide, allowing air to flow more quickly and efficiently.


The result? Cushions that dry amazingly fast, and actually actively combat precipitation. Even during periods of heavy rainfall, marine cushioning will block the moisture and rapidly soak it up.


The health benefits of anti-microbial foam are evident; when microorganisms are not permitted to grow and breed in a damp area, your boating trip becomes a safer and more comfortable adventure for everyone.


While Dryfast foam is commonly used on watercrafts, it can also be used on land; many homeowners use it to create their own custom outdoor cushions for patio furniture. The material will last for many years to come, ensuring maximum protection against the elements. High-quality foam is a great investment for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, whether sailing on the ocean or simply reclining back on the deck.


Bio: The Foam Factory Inc. is a Southeast Michigan-based company specializing in custom-cut foam for household use. Order a boat cushion, mattress topper or other foam products from The Foam Factory Inc.

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