Electric Dog Fences

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Electric Dog Fences

Written by Farm Supply Store

Not to be mistaken for electric fences, electric dog fences are meant for pet containment. They are also known as invisible dog fences. This fence keeps your dog within your property and prevents them from running on to the road and potentially getting injured. They are meant to keep your dog safe and also teach them the boundaries of how far they should go.

The concept of invisible fences for dogs is simple. A loop of wiring is run underground around the edge of your property. This acts as an antenna and is paired with the dog collar. When the dog touches the boundary it produces a small shock from the collar.

Newer systems take this concept further. Now as the dog approaches the electric dog fence, the collar will gradually produce a stimulus. This way the dog knows the boundary is approaching.

Why would you want an electric dog fence? As mentioned previously, it is meant for the safety of your pet. There are so many incidents of dogs running out onto the road and then knocked down by cars. Normal containment would involve an actual fence, but for homeowners that prefer to have an open garden or with much larger open property, an invisible fence is the best option.


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