Electronic Gadgets: What’s Hot This X-mas Season?

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Electronic Gadgets: What’s Hot This X-mas Season?


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This holiday season, look for the hottest electronic gadgets to surprise your friends or loved ones during your gift exchange. Here are five to keep an eye on.


  1. Amazon Echo Dot + Smart Plug


This nifty bundle comes with one of the best voice assistants and smart plug features that let you use your voice to control lamps and other devices. Use the Echo Dot’s voice features to play music and control your entertainment without using any hands.


  1. HD Projectors


HD Projectors give you a chance to experience your favorite movies and visual entertainment in a new way. They’ll project clear, high-definition visuals onto walls, screens, or any surface you can think of.


  1. Playstation 5



There is lots of hype every time a new gaming console is released, and the Playstation 5 is no exception. Experience a new generation of gaming with the PS5’s haptic features and high-tech video and audio enhancements.

  1. Apple Airpods



Many Apple device users prefer the convenience and noise-canceling features of the wireless Apple Airpods. This easy-charging, long-lasting device can even be customized with a free engraving at the Apple Store.


  1. Apple Watch

Apple’s smartwatches are perfect as workout companions and communicators. Use the Apple Watch to track details such as heart rate and blood oxygen and play heart-pumping music for your workout sessions.


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