Fix Your Outdoor Furniture Before the Holidays

Nov 9, 2014 by

Fix Your Outdoor Furniture Before the Holidays

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

Are you planning or expecting visitors this Christmas? Fix your furniture before the holiday comes and impress your in-laws with your choices and resourcefulness. It’ll be embarrassing if your visitors on your home Christmas party complain about how your sofa does not support or sit the way they want. Before this becomes a headline between relatives and friends, inspect your furniture if it needs replacement. Most likely, you just need to replace the foam installed in it. An easy upholstery job can solve the problem but for the best solution, replace it with quality foam materials.

Carlo Badalamenti recommends from his years in the Foam Factory business, to choose the right foam firmness for sofa furniture. Old foams on furniture were made from rubber mixed with petroleum and adhesives. Exposed to sun and outdoor elements, synthetic foam can continually release volatile organic emissions or VOCs which can cause allergies to sensitive skin and lungs. Apart from that, outdoor furniture and foams tend to lose their firmness compared to indoor ones because of exposure to suns heat and rain.

Upholstery foam Canada manufacturers can provide natural latex foam that are environmental friendly and safer to use. Without the high VOC materials, these foams are fungal, and bacteria resistant. With improved formulation and manufacturing processes, they also last longer than their decade old versions. Plus with recent manufacturing machinery and technology, you can now order custom outdoor cushions that dry fast for your garden furniture. Foam suppliers like Canada Foam by Mail even have deliver custom shapes and cuts for all upholstery needs.

Canada by Mail Foam can provide dryfast foams for your patio furniture or cushions for your boat or yacht seats. Please visit their site for their huge foal selections.

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