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FLOWERS. A-C.Bouquets have meanings

When you send flowers do you ever think that the types you send are giving the “wrong message” ? Just the sending is obviously being thoughtful, but if you understand the meaning of flowers, you can confirm your message by the choice of flowers, so I have listed the flowers alphabetically for you send the right message.

The list for meaning of flowers is extensive, as there are many flowers with different meanings:-

Common names Botanical names               Meaning of flower                           
Aconite Aconitum Beware. Chivalry.       Deadly foe is near.
African Lilly Agapanthus Love letters. Secret         love.
Allium Allium Patience. Humility.      Unity.
Amaryllis Hippeastrum Timidity. Pride. Splendid beauty.
Anemone Ranunculaceae Charming. Radiant.Forsaken. Expectations.
Arun/Calla Lilly Zantedeschia Magnificent beauty.
Aster Callestephus Symbol of love.    Daintiness. After thought.
Baby’s Breath Gypsophelia Innocence. Pure heart.
Batchelor’s Button Centauria Cyanus Hope in love. Delicacy. Single blessedness.
Begonia Begonia Beware.
Bells of Ireland Mollucella Laevis Good luck.
Bluebell Scilla Nutans Everlasting love.     Humility.
Camellia (pink) Camellia Longing for you.
Camellia (red)  —  — You are a flame in my   heart.
Camellia (white)  —  — Perfect lovliness. You       are adorable.
Carnation (pink) Dianthus Caryophillis Admiration. Longing for you.
Carnation (purple)   ——      ——— Capriciousness.
Carnation (striped)   ——      ——— Sorry. No. Wish I could     be with you.
Carnation (white)   ——      ——— Pure love. Innocence.   Sweet and lovely.
Carnation (yellow)   ——      ——— Disappointment.     Rejection.
Chrysanthemum (red) Dendranthema Admiration. My      heartache is for you.
Chrysanthemum (yellow)   ——  —— Slighted love.
Chrysanthemum (white)   ——  —— Truth.
Cyclamen Cyclamen Goodbye. Resignation.

Meanings of flowers, with a carnationCyclamen in the list of Meanings for flowers

Whilst you may still be looking for the flower of your choice, you may consider, which is the favourite flower of the person to whom you are giving them!!


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