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Meanings of Flowers Dahlia

When you find a flower with the meaning you require, look further, as some flowers have a similar meaning, so perhaps you may choose to send a combination, to make up a  bouquet, and confirm your statement.


Common name   Botanical  name Meaning of Flower                    
Daffodil Narcissus Regard. Unrequited love. You are the only one.
Dhalia Dhalia Instability. Elegance. Dignity. Good taste.
Daisy Bellis    Perennis Innocence. Loyal love. Purity.     Romance. I will never tell. Gentleness.
Dandelion Taraxacum  Officinale Happiness. Faithfulness.
Delphinium Delphinium Lightness. Flight of fancy. Ardent attachment.
Fern Filicinae Fascination. Magic. Sincerity. Secret bond of love.
Forget-me-not Myosotis Memories. Do not forget.Undying love.
Forsythia Forsythia Innocence. Anticipation. Good nature.
Foxglove Digitallis Insincerity.
Freesia Freesia Friendship. Trust. Innocence.
Gardenia Gardenia Jasmenoides You are lovely. Sweet love. Secret love. Purity.
Geranium Pelargonium Stupidity. Folly.
Gladioli Gladiolus I am really sincere. Natural grace. Generosity.
Gloxinia Sinninga Speciosa Love at first sight.
Heather (lavender) Calluna Vulgaris Solitude. Admiration.
Heather (pink)   ——-  —– Good luck.
Heather (white)   ——-  —– Wishes will come true. Protection.
Hibiscus Hibiscus Delicate beauty.
Holly Ilex Defense. Foresight. Domestic    happiness.
Hyacinth (blue) Hyacinthus Constancy.
Hyacinth (red/pink)   ——— Play.
Hyacinth (purple)   ——— Sorrow. Please forgive.
Hyacinth (white)   ——— Wishes will come true. Protection.
Hyacinth (yellow)   ——— Jealousy.
Hydrangea Hydrangea Heartlessness. Frigity. Thankyou.

Hyacinth has a flower meaningHydrangea a Flower with meaning

It shows with all the different meanings for flowers, you must continue to look for the right and most appropriate meaning.



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