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With the meanings of flowers,  you may  wish to consider the  ”bouquet” of the  flowers you  are sending. How many times have you seen the lady smell, the  perfume   of the flowers that she has received??



Common name      Botanical name  Meaning of flower                          
Iris Iris Wisdom. Faith. Hope. Valour. Your friendship means more than you know.
Ivy Hedera Affection. Friendship. Fidelity. Wedded love.
Jasmine Jasminium Graceful. Cheerful.
Jonquil Narcissus Jonquilla Desire. Love me. Sympathy.    Affection returned.
Larkspur (pink) Delphinium Fickleness.
Lilac (purple) Syringa First emotions of love.
Lilac (white)   —– Majesty. Purity.Modesty.        Virginity.
Lilac (eucharis) Lillium Maidenly charms.
Lilly (orange)   —- Hatred.
Lilly (tiger)   —- Pride. Wealth.
Longhi Lilly Lillium Longhiflora Remembrance. Modesty.  Innocence.   Purity.
Magnolia Magnolia Dignity. Nobility. Love of nature.
Marigold Tagetes Jealousy. Cruelty. Grief. Dispair.
Mimosa Acacia Secret love. Friendship. Sensitivity.
Monkswood Aconitum Chivalry. Beware. A deadly  foe is near.
Myrtle Vinca Duty. Instruction. Discipline.    Love. Affection.
Narcissus Narcissus Poeticus Formality. Stay as sweet as you are. Egotism.
Nasturtium Tropaeolum Conquest. Patriotism. Victory in battle.
Oleander Nerium Grace. Beauty. Caution.
Orchid Cymbidium Beautiful lady. Refinement. Beauty. Love.
Orchid (cattleaya)   —-  —- Mature charm.
Pansy Viola Merriment. Thoughtful reflection.
Peony Paeonia Happy marriage. Happy life.         Prosperity. Bashfulness.
Phlox Phlox Our souls are in unity.
Pine Pinus Pity. Hope.
Poinsettia Euphorbia Be of stout heart and good cheer. Support.
Poppy (general) Papaver Oblivion. Eternal sleep. Imagination. Consolation.
Poppy (red)   —— Pleasure.
Poppy (white)   —– Consolation.
Poppy (yellow)   —– Success.
Primrose Primula I can’t live without you.
Primrose (evening) Lanmarckiana Inconstancy.
Queen Anne’s Lace Ammi Majus Haven.
Ranunculus Ranunculaceae Charming. Radiant.
 Iris with meaning

  If  you are looking  for roses on this page,        I apologise for their absence, which is due  to me  making a dedicated page for them,      as I sincerely  believe you would want   to see the full and varied range before    choosing.


 Jasmine with meaning

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