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I have dedicated a page just to roses, for it appears to be the choice of flowers with the “young at heart” and probably contains the largest range of colours in one type of  plant. If you send a bouquet of flowers,  have you ever  watched  the first reaction on receiving them? Yes! they are  smelled for the scent that is given off.

Common name                Botanical name                 Meaning of Flower                                   
Rose (bridal) Rosa Happy love.
Rose (orange/peach)  —- Desire. Enthusiasm.
Rose (Pink)  —- Gentility. Please believe me. Perfect happiness.
Rose (light pink)  —- Admiration.
Rose (dark pink)  —- Thankyou.
Rose (red)  —- Respect. Love. Courage. I love you.
Rose (tea)  —- I will always remember.
Rose (thornless)  —- Love at first sight.
Rose (white)  —- Heavenly. Purity. Innocence. Silence. Secrecy.
Rose (yellow)  —- Friendship. Gladness. Success. Wealth. Jealousy.
Rose (moss)  —- Confessions of love.
Rose (long stemmed)  —- I will always remember you.
Rose (short stemmed)  —- Girlhood. Sweetheart.
Rose (single red)  —- I love you. Simplicity.
Rose (red and white)  —- Desire. Enthusiasm.
Rose (assorted colours)  —- You mean everything to me.
Rose (Single full bloom)  —- I still love you. I love you.
Rose (mature blooms)  —- Gratitude.
Rosebud  —- A heart of innocent love. Youth. Beauty.
Rosebud (red)  —- Lovely. Pure.
Rosebud (white)  —- Girlhood. Youthfulness.

A few years ago, I used to visit a “young laRoses have special meanigs of flowersdy”, who, bMeaning of flowers with a bouquet of rosesecause of her age. was near blind and could not walk very far.( I used to call in to see if things were O K or if she required anything). Each time I called I would either purchase a rose or pick one from her garden. Carefully I would take the thorns off, ( so she would not prick herself), and I would always be rewarded with “a peck on the cheek”. She always said, ” you know a rose is for love”. Sadly she has passed away at a great age. This shows the affection associated with the rose for many years, and will remain for many, many more years

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