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Ifyouhavelookedthroughthe other pages  of flowermeanings, can now appreciate  that there are so many, with some flowers  having  similar  meanings, so I  trust that  you have made a wise choice for your  recipient. I do have a further thought  for  you before you finally choose, if the  flower you have chosen is available  as a  pot plant, it will be with  your intended  one for a long  time to come.

 Meanings of flowers-Sunflowers
Common name                Botanical name                Meaning of Flower                                     
Snapdragon Antirrhinum Gracious lady. Presumption. Deception.
Spider flower Cleome Elope with me.
Stephanotis Asclepiadaceae Come with me. Desire to travel. Happiness in marriage.
Stock Matthiosa You will always be beautiful to me. Promptness. Bonds of affection. Lasting beauty.
Sunflower Helianthus Pride. Sunshine. Adoration.
Sweetpea Lathyrus Thankyou for a lovely time. Delicate pleasures. Departure. Goodbye.
Sweet William Dianthus Barbatus Gallantry. Give me your smile.
Tulip Tulipa Fame Love. Passion. Perfect lover.
Tulip (red)  —– Declaration of love. Believe me.
Tulip (varigated)  —– Beautiful eyes.
Tulip (yellow)  —– Your smile brings me sunshine.
Verbena Verbenaceae You may get your wish.
Veronica Veronica Fidelity.
Violet Viola Virtue. Modesty. Faithfulness.
Violet (blue)  —- I will always be true. Watchfulness.
Violet (white)  —- Take a chance on happiness.
Viscaria Caryophyllaceae Shall we dance together.
Wallflower Erysimum Fidelity in adversity.
Water Lilly Nymphaea Pure heart.
Wisteria Sinensis Welcome.
Yarrow Achillea Millefolium Thoughts of friends absent.
Zinnia (magenta) Zinia Lasting affection.
Zinia (mixed)  —- Memory, or thinking or an absent friend.
Zinia(scarlet)  —- Constancy.
Zinia (white)  —- Goodness.
Zinia (yellow)  —- Remembering dailt.
With the wide choice of meanings for flowers, it cTULIPS mean lovean obviously  be a very difficult choice, but do be careful, as one or two of the meanings include JEALOUSY, HATRED, as well as others. I sincerely hope your choice is the perfect one.

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