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Most of the citrus fruits can be used in drinks or for making drinks, let alone eating or adding to salads or cooking, and even flavouring, I could go on and on as they are also useful for the vitamins they contain. Due to the extensive range of this type of fruit, from alemow to yuzu, I have made them into separate pages to save you reading all through until you find the fruit of your choice. I have included the more popular of the fruits, for some are obscure and you probably would not be interested in them, (I of course await your comments on others you would like included) but I have LEMONS on the treeincluded one or two that may be of general interest, and amusement to you.

Cultivation is similar throuhout the range, but I have indicated where the differences occur, whilst some of these plants are in a “bush” form most are grown as a normal tree whilst others can be selected for their colours or ornamental value or even as patio/consevatory plants, due to the fragrance they give.

Most citrus fruit are grown in sun belt states such as China, Mediterranean regions, Texas, California and Florida, ( and there is me thinking that they only grew oranges in the Orange State.) Citrus fruit in cooler climates are grown either in greenhouses or on the patio in warm weather, and taken in when winter or cold weather starts.

If you wish to grow them indoors as a container plant, consider the growing conditions as they need plenty of light and humidity (if a humidifyer is used it is both beneficial to plants an humans), whilst a good soil/fertiliser are reqired water is also a necessity, and like other house plants need a feed now and again, in watering thoroughly allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings.

It is believed that most of the citrus fruit has origins from as few as four, fruits, grapefruit, lemon, orange and some tangerines, this list has grown from the original, due to the skill and testing by various growers and horticulturalists, to whom we should be grateful for their expertise.

As most of the trees can grow happily outdoors in the right temperatures, (but in general citrus fruits are not frost hardy) choose with the help of your garden centre a species adapted for indoors, eamples being Calamondin or Otaheite orangr, Persian lime or Meyer lemon, if your plant is not self fertilising, you may need to pollinate using a small artists type brush, transfering pollen between each of the blooms, but do remember there are plants that yield flowers only, and others that do produce fruit with a little help, and yes the fruit produced can be used in your drinks. So have one for me.

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