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Is a nut tree a fruit tree? an often asked question! The short  answer  is yes, for the whole of the nut is, the fruit of the tree.

FRIUT TREES Beech Nut               I want you to stop and think about nut allergies before you continue, if you have someone in the family that suffers with an allergy ( especially little ones) consider that when the fruit tree nut is ripe will they ( without your knowledge) pick one up and eat it???  Some of us are lucky and do not have this  problem, all I am suggesting is that you bear it in mind if you are thinking of planting a nut tree! There is no way I am suggesting not to have one, as the blossom together with the fruit tree nuts and perfume of some of the trees is a bonus everyone deserves, let alone that when the fruit of the nut tree is in bloom it can be a “picture” and maybe the focal point in your garden.

FRUIT TREES Nuts The Cobnut           Included in my lists are those comon fruit tree nuts known for eating and others to give you information and not necessarily for consumption. Whilst nut trees can be fertile there are those which need another tree for cross pollination, I would suggest that you call upon the knowledge of your local nurseryman or grower in deciding the best type of nut bearing fruit tree for your needs, be it the fruit, shade or bFRUIT TREE Nuts Macadamia nuts flowerslossom.

On the other hand you may select a particular fuit tree bearing nuts for the thought of growing your own favourite nut, this is a practical idea, for your garden will start to give the produce that you like and enjoy, remember nuts from the tree have a longer storage life than most fruit and I have always suggested that whatever the produce, be it fruit, nuts or vegetables etc., growing your own is something to be proud of.                                         FRED.

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