Get your patio furniture right with Rattan

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Get your patio furniture right with Rattan

Summary: Wicker is one of the best options for your outdoor patio use. Ensure you get the best by checking the weave, the frame, the wicker, and the cushion fabric before you buy.

Wicker furniture, made from synthetic rattan is the best option for outdoor furniture. Actual rattan looks and functions as well as the synthetic variety but does not last once exposed to the elements. Here is what you need to know when buying (or selecting) wicker furniture for your patio:

Weave – Look for a tight, consistent weave. Avoid any signs of rough corners, out of order strands, and anything else that does not look uniform.

Frame – For maximum durability you want a non-metal frame to avoid rust and other issues. Powder coated aluminum works well for outdoor use and exposure to the elements.

Wicker- You also want to make sure that the synthetic wicker you get is the all-weather variety that can withstand exposure to the sun, UV, rain, and other extreme weather conditions. Look at your outdoor furniture for a long-term investment.

Color – There are several colors for wicker furniture. The most popular ones are black, white, and brown. Although you can paint wicker to the color of your choosing, when you buy wicker in a particular color, you won’t have chipping or issues with fading over time.

Fabric – Often, people buy cushions with their wicker furniture sets. Make sure that the fabric does not fade or spoil in the weather.

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