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Hazel nuts is the common name for over 15 specieHAZEL Nuts Catkinss, including the european Filbert (Coryus Avellana). as well as the cob nut. One of the easiest nut trees to grow, they do well in a well drained soil, sunny position and tolerate partial shade. Usually they may require a different species for pollination. Varieties grown in the U S A. include:- Corylus americana, C. californica, C. cormuta and C. filberts. Whilst in the U K. they cHAZEL Nut FRUITan grow to 20 ft. and usually in February the woody bushes produce a long, drooping catkins, whilst the female flower is hardly noticeable,but when pollinated grow into the nuts. It should be noted at this stage that the nuts are a tempter to the local wild life such as grey squirrels, dormice, jays, pidgeons and pheasants!!

If you decide to train the bushes into a hedgrow, theycan make excellent wind breaks, and act as a natural backdrop to your flowerbeds, and of course not to mention the bountiful harvest of nuts.

You will find reports by those far more qualifed than myself,  that will tell of nuts being healthy, my advice is to eat healthy at most times, and try the different varieties, and compare the different flavours, perhaps my pages have given you an insight to healthy eating, if the answer is yes why not pass the tip to others.

Think “NUTS” be healthy.


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