How to Bring Wicker Furniture into Your Living Space

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How to Bring Wicker Furniture into Your Living Space

Summary: Go vintage with the new and improved wicker look of 2019.

One of the hottest interior design trends in 2019 is none other than wicker furniture. If you’re new to the wicker scene, the only thing you need to know coming in is that wicker is back and is bringing an entirely new vintage twist to homes.

Mixing and Matching

The secret to decorating with wicker furniture is to choose some key pieces to mix with your basic furniture. Lounge chairs or coffee tables are the perfect complementary accessory to a neutral linen sofa. The natural contours and shapes of wicker can create a striking contrast in a room, making it a coveted piece by interior designers and homeowners.

One of the newest trends comes from adding black accents to give wicker pieces a moodier edge, as opposed to a lighter, summery feel. Wicker works well with any season, whether it’s fall or even winter. These furniture pieces are a great way to do winter styling without bogging down your room. Moreover, it’s a great transitional piece that works well when the seasons change. You can easily layer it up for winter or add some trays with candles to spruce up your old coffee table.

Give Your Bar a Vibrant Edge

Bar carts, consoles, and even built-in spaces are perfect for wicker pieces. Easily add metallic décor, flowers, and a bar stool from Wicker Paradiseto create a lively area that is sure to catch the attention of your visitors. Even wicker accents around your bar can give it a subtle, tropical vibe that doesn’t stand out too much.

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