How to Choose the Right Door Knocker

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Adding a new door knocker to your front door instantly gives your home a facelift. It can transform your front entryway and provide an ornamental embellishment that adds personality to your house. Choosing the right door knocker can go a long way in adding charm to your home. Here are four things to keep in mind when evaluating door knockers:

Property Type: You want your door knocker to match the overall look of your home.If you have a sleek, post-modern home, adding a Victorian door knocker will seem anachronistic. At the same time, a basic modern door knocker on a Tudor home will come off as underwhelming.

Door Type: Your new door knocker should also compliment your existing door and this includes the door’s material. If you have a wooden door, you’ll want to consider a brass or cast iron knocker; at the same time, these knockers may not work for metal doors.

Owner’s Personal Interests: Your door knocker may very well be the first thing that a visitors to your home notices, so why not make it reflect your own personal interests. There are door knockers available in almost any type of design so you can find something that reflects your love of books, sports, movies or any other hobby.

Mounting Type: Make sure to consider if you want a through-the-door mounted knocker or a surface mounted knocker before making a purchase. A through-the-door mounted knocker is mounted by drilling holes through the door and into the other side. This is more secure than a surface mounted knocker but will leave permanent holes in your door.

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