How to Maintain Artificial Grass Lawns

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Written by Artificial Turf Supply

Synthetic grass is a cost-effective landscaping solution used by homeowners and businesses across the nation. Many homeowners love fake grass because it conserves water. Others appreciate it because it’s safe for children and pets. But many people buy synthetic turf from companies such as Artificial Turf Supply because it’s a maintenance-free landscape solution.

Compared to natural grass lawns and gardens, fake grass is easy to maintain. Even still, there are a few things you can do to maintain your investment and keep your grass looking beautiful year-round. Here are few tips on how to maintain fake grass lawns.

Lawn Care after Installation

Did you recently purchase fake turf? One way to keep your grass looking great is to clean it up right after it’s installed. We recommend using a power broom, leaf blower, push broom, or plastic rake to clean up the freshly installed turf. In addition to removing dirt and debris, using a power broom or rake also helps the blades of fake grass stand up to appear like natural grass blades.

Ongoing Care

To keep your fake grass lawn looking for on a regular basis, use the same power broom or rake to brush the grass at least once a month. At least every three months, brush, blow, or rake the turf against the grain to stabilize and clean the fibers. If you accidently spill anything on the turf, clean it by spraying water and a mild detergent. This is also the method used to clean the turf if you have pets.

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