How to Pick the Right Memory Foam Mattress for Your Home

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How to Pick the Right Memory Foam Mattress for Your Home

Summary: The perfect memory foam mattress depends solely on your personal preferences. Here’s a quick guide that’ll help you choose the right one.

When it’s time to purchase a new foam mattress, you’re going to be confronted by salesmen and saleswomen who will push you toward buying a mattress that will ultimately net them the highest commission – unless you purchase online of course. This can make your shopping experience irritable and more difficult than it should be. Here’s a basic guide that will give you a head start on choosing a mattress so you can go in knowing exactly what you need.

Understand the Different Types

If you are a consumer and are looking for the best memory foam mattress out there, you need to conduct your own research. While it is encouraged to gather as much data as you can, you should also take the time to try out different mattress types to ensure you get the one that’s best for your back.

To start, you need to understand the different types of memory foam. Tradition memory foam provides an ample amount of comfort and support. Gel memory foam, which is fairly new, reduces the amount of heat trapped within the mattress for a comfortable sleeping experience. Plant-based memory foam is alternative type of memory foam that replaces the petroleum base of standard memory foam with plant oils and extract for a breathable and cool sleeping experience.

Determining Density

The density of memory foam is measured by weight per cubic food and a majority of brands will range anywhere from 3lbs to 5.3lbs. Anything that weighs less than this is a low-quality mattress, and typically not recommended for long-term use. Mattresses that weigh more than the range is typically too hard and generally not as comfortable as you might think. The Foam Factory, a professional mattress supplier, recommends trying your mattress out before purchasing so you don’t end up regretting your purchase and end up going through the hassles of the return process.

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