How Using a Chair Cushion Affects Digestion

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How Using a Chair Cushion Affects Digestion

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Many things can affect our digestive system and how it functions. The type and amount of food we consume, how much we exercise, and even our stress levels can lead to changes in our digestive processes. However, there is one overlooked action we perform every day that can decrease our digestive efficiency. That action is sitting.

The human body was designed to be active while at work and play. Sitting for too long causes some unnatural effects on the body, namely compression on the lower body. Not only does this restrict blood flow, but it also slows down digestive processes, which can lead to issues such as heartburn, constipation, bloating, and even Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Fortunately, there are practices you can perform to mitigate the negative effects of sitting for too long. First, you must take standing breaks at work whenever you’ve been sitting for a while. Second, you should invest in getting a comfortable chair cushion for your office chair. A chair cushion reduces the pressure your body feels from sitting down, improving blood circulation and digestion in the process. It also discourages you from slouching and decreases pain and discomfort. Sitting may be a necessity for office workers, but you should still take care of your health while you work at your computer.

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