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You know how enfuriating it is, when you are sat in the garden relaxing with your ice cold drink, the sun beating down and you are trying to get that tropical island sun tan, when a little voice says “darling are you going to weed out that patch” you do? well this is the page to help you spend much less back aching, and allow a little more quality time. (Simply with the use of mulch).

At the very least weeding is non productive and a boring job in anybody’s  book. So do not go rushing out to buy those weed killers, herbicides, or expensive tMother Nature's Mulchools to remove them, even if you buy these type of things, you find that perhaps over spray has occurred, (spray, although directed can spill over on to other plants and possibly kill them) or the tool to remove weeds has only pulled out the top part leaving the root, (and we know what that means- the dratted thing will come up yet again) the answer is to take the tip from mother nature. Notice under the trees where all the leaves fall, little, or no weeds appear!! this is because nature has laid down an ordinary layer of dead material giving a natural coating of mulch.

If you cut off the supply of oxygen and sunlight by mulching  most weeds are starved of the rich nutrients required to grow, after all a weed is like any other plant and, without the necessities for heMulch around the flowersalthy growth they either die or cannot form.

So if this sounds good remember that a mulch over the top also insulates, and maintains the temperature in the ground, also on hot/warm days mulch saves moisture as it does not evaporate as quickly as bare earth,whilst on cold days heat is retained.

I hear you asking “what is this miracle called mulch”? It is a natural occuring thing like in nature all you need to do is cover the ground with organic material, remember of my mentioning in the opening page, of what to do with grass cuttings, here is the simple solution, place the cuttings around your plants, ( now you are starting your mulching) you can also place other forms of matter aound your plants, such as vegetable peelings, fruit skins (as they all have the properties of good mulch) and so on, all these types of products should be cut up small as I have suggested in my pages on compost making.

Perhaps you may not like the idea of peelings on the top of your garden, in which case save a little of the grass cuttings to cover them. do not be afraid to put down a thick bed of materials to mulch, but don’t get too enthusiastic, for if it is up to your shoulders it makes it difficult to walk on. Over a period of time your mulch will shrink, indicating that it is doing it’s job, when you have finished  pulling vegetables or cut flowers, your mulch can be combined with the soil by turning over or hoeing into the soil. If you have finished with the plot as it is close to winter, add a further covering of mulch material to stop the ground from freezing which will leave the soil richer and healthier for when you wish to start planting again.

Facts about MULCHING :-  a) Saves time and energy on weeding.

b) Insulates the ground and retains heat.

c) Stops evaporation saving time and water.

d) Gives goodness and enriches the soil.

e) Helps your plants to grow.

f) A way of diposing of grass cuttings etc.

g) Saves all that time.weeding.

Keep on mulching    FRED

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