NECTARINES. (White Flesh).

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As mentioned in previous pages, both nectarines and peaches  originally had white flesh, but with cross breeding  (Hybridizing) the flesh  has turned to the familiar golden orange colour, however you should not be  put off by the colour as both can be very succulent. To give you some ideas,  I have included a few of the white flesh variety, on this page.

ARCTIC GLO. Nectarine.

Arctic glo is one of those colourful nectarines, with Nectarine ARCTIC GLOa dark red skin and a white flesh. With varying descriptions of the flesh, Arctic glo is described as a tart acid flavour to balanced sugar/acid flavour. Dependant on how ripe Arctic glo is when eaten, I would describe it as a good  flavour in a medium sized nectarine. The tree of Arctic glo is not only vigorous but  very productive.

GOLDMINE. Nectarine.

Nectarine GOLDMINE                 In looking at various growers/garden centre descriptions of Goldmine, I have found the fruit can be slightly different in colour, so if you were to select Goldmine as a nectarine of your choice, you may find that the skin colour is either white with a red blush or red over a green skin, this difference can be attributed to the type of rootstock used or even the type of soil hat the tree is grown in.

Goldmine is available as both a standard, or a semi dwarf variety, producing a fruit that is sweet and juicidly tender. The goldmine  nectarine tree, is both a vigorous tree and very productive, requiring good  drainage and fertiliser.


The name Heavenly White speaks volumes, notNectarine Heavenly White only is it a very large white fleshed nectarine, but the Heavenly White has a sugar acid balance that is ideal, but it has a complex, very rich aromatic flavour.

Heavenly White is described as “abundant” with juice, (that means a high dribble factor), not often found in the supermarkets as it can easily bruise, so this is definitely one to be grown at home. The skin of Heavenly White is also attractive as it is dull red and creamy.

Nectarine WHITE HEATH           WHITE HEATH. Nectarine.

White Heath is one of the oldest American varieties (New  York 1760) and is late ripening (September). With it’s white flesh White  Heath has a rich unique flavour, and requires 500-600 hours of winter  chill, making White Heath hardy as well as a vigorous grower.

Having now given you ideas on both white and orange/gold  coloured nectarines you must choose whether you are attracted to the  colours or dribble factor combined with the flavour, A difficult choice,  why not choose one of each, for they maybe useful in pollination, and you  could also be said as “having a bite out of your garden”.

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