New Jersey Makes for Great Gardening

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New Jersey Makes for Great Gardening

By Marron Gildea Realtors

It probably goes without saying, but New Jersey is a great state for those who have a green thumb. After all, it’s called the Garden State, and although that may not be exactly where the name comes from, New Jersey has still done a good job of living up the reputation. For a number of reasons, Ho Ho Kus homes and others throughout the state are the best for gardening.

If you took one look at the grounds of the Ridgewood Country Club, you’d know what we mean. Grass there grows thick, full and perfectly green.

But that’s not the only example either. Just take a look at the New Jersey Botanical Gardens—and the many people who visit them ever year—and you’ll get an idea of how many people in New Jersey have a passion or gardening.

Beautiful flowers aren’t the only thing this state has to offer though, in terms of vegetation. There are also amazing vegetables to be harvested too, even form residential setups. Springtime in New Jersey is a welcoming time for people who wish to plant.

So while there are many reasons to love New Jersey, don’t forget its propensity for luscious vegetation of all kinds.


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