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It is suprising how many peaches have the word SNOW in their name, possibly the growers thought a white peach reminded them of snow,  or perhaps the parents of the peaches include a name the had snow in it,  whichever the case I am glad of white peaches, as they appear firm fleshed  but still contain a dribble factor, (Yes I mean full of juice).

Once again I have included a few of the white peaches, for to try  and list them all, would keep you up to the early hours reading them all, I  have now decided, that the time is ripe (sorry for the pun) for you to venture forth and advise me, which you think is the best of peaches, yellow or white fleshed, in answering you must take all factors into account, such as flavour, looks, sweetness and what points 1 to 10 you would award for  dribability, (you know–juicyness)


Yes you are right it does not have snow in the name, one of the  reasons for choosing it. Is because Babcock appearsPeach BABCOCKto be one of the most  popular white fleshed varieties, and appears to be almost fuzzless and  could be one of the reasons for popularity. on the other hand Babcock is  sweet  with a very rich flavour, aromatic and low in acid. The Babcock  peach tree  produces medium round fruit and is self pollinating, a fruit  chosen as it is  not only excellent for eating but canning as well.


Peach, EARLY RIVERS.                 Early Rivers is a peach that will make your mouth water with  just the description, for the skin is a pale lemon to yellow, whilst the flesh  of Early Rivers is a white translucent, which is both sugary and exceptionally rich, with a nectarine flavour. In consulting with growers, dependent on the rootstock EarlyRiovers peach trees grow to around three  and a half  metres.

Peach, SATURN.

Now this is a peach worth thinking about, for Saturn is sometimes known as the “donut peach” due to it’s flattened shape. The tree of Saturn is very showy, due to theSATURN or DONUT peachbranches being covered, first with the  1 inch blooms in spring followed by the red flush on white skinned fruit. to say they are tasty is an under statement, for Saturn has a delicious white flesh that is sweet and succulent with a very tender flavour. The Saturn peach tree grows to around 10 ft in about 5 years until it reaches it’s full height of about 15 ft  and 10 ft wide. Needing no pollinator, Saturn would truly make a centre piece for your garden, and the fruit of Saturn would certainly give you a good eating peach.


Peach SNOW PRINCE                   Snow Prince was bred in a genetics program in Modesto,  California, and produces a fruit of deep red over white skin early The fruit of Snow Prince is classed as large as it can grow to around 3 inches in the early part of the  season. The flesh is firm with a low acid and good  flavour. Although the tree of Snow Prince is vigorous and productive it can  be sensitive towards cold winter temperatures.


A very early peach, Spring Snow, is a viPeach SPRING SNOWgorous grower and after the fruit has set, should be thinned to allow the remaining fruit to  grow to a size of about 3 1/4 inches. The fruit of Spring Snow has a white  skin with red blush overand white flesh that is low in acid and a very good  flavour. The peach tree Spring Snow can be affected by cold winter  temperatures, so I would not recommend it for colder climates.


Sugar Giant is one of the largest white flesh peaches Peach, SUGAR GIANTgrowing  to between 3 and 3 1/2 inches, having exceptional colour ( with an 80% red blush over a white skin) and firmness, but add to the white flesh of Sugar Giant, the low acid content and you have a sweet peach. As a peach tree, Sugar Giant is vigorous and productive with a resistance to bacterial spot. With it ripening at the beginning of July Sugar Giant appears to produce the ripe fruit when needed.


White Lady ripens late July, with a highPeach, WHITE LADYly coloured pinkish red over a white skin, but the flesh of White Lady is one of the best for a low acid high sugar content, some say the fruit are large at between 2 1/2 inches to 3 inches. White Lady is a vigorous grower, but requires no pollinator.

Just writing about peaches makes me feel like I want a drink of something juicy, ( a good time for a juicy peach) some people say they feel that white peaches are sweeter due to the low acid content! I have suggested on other pages that when visiting your mall or supermarket you buy one of different varieties to help in your selection, for you have the  chance to savour at first hand the delicious flavours.

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