PEACHES (Yellow fleshed).

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In answer to your puzzlement “why yellow fleshed” it is because  there are  peaches with a white flesh, which are listed on another page.

Peach Blossom    Peaches are one of those fruits that combine a good flavour with  a “dribble” factor, (Namely they are juicidly good). My list contains a few  (not all) of the peaches, that may interest you in growing your own, which  will  allow you to take a bite out of your garden. However if you visit your  local  grower or garden centre and they do not have those I list, ask them  for a  similar  type as I am sure they will stock a type suitable for your area and soil, together with weather conditions. (Trust them they can be very helpful).

WARNING :- DO NOT plant near an almond tree as they can  hybridise and produce bitter almonds ( More tips at the bottom of the page)


Allstar peach produces fruit with a golden skin witPeach ALLSTARh a beautiful bright red flush, whilst the clear yellow flesh is firm. In growing Allstar it produces a stocky shape with moderate spurring, the othe advantage of Allstar is the resistance to bacterial spot.


Peach AMSDEN JUNE              The Amsden June peach is a hardy tree and a reliable cropper. the fruit of Amsden Jane are medium to large, with a greenish white skin  flushed with red. Amsden June is the earliest of any variety, and the yellow flesh is very juicy. One person was given a twig of Amsden June, approximately 12 inches long, that had 20 peaches on it!! (plenty of food for thought- pardon the pun).


The peach Garden Lady is one of the dwarf variPeach GARDEN LADYeties, making it ideal for a planter or pot, placed on the patio, but like most of the peaches,  Garden Lady needs to be taken “in”, to say, a cold house or unheated  greenhouse  for protection from winter rain and frosts, January to early May. The beautiful pink flower of Garden Lady, turns into a fruit with yellow flesh which is both sweet and juicy, you could say that Garden Lady has that “dribble” factor built in. (Self fertile).


Hales Early is one of the heavy cropping peaches which is self  fertile, not require another variety for pollination. The apricot yellow  skinned fruit  has a flush of red, whist the soft yellow flesh of  Hales Early   has a very good flavour.


Red Globe, because of the red over the goldePeach RED GLOBEn background,  coloured skin, is said to be one of the most attractive varieties, however  Red Globe is highly desirable to the commercial canneries, due to Red  Globe having an exceptional quality and finest flavour. being a highly  productive tree with vigorous growth Red Globe could make you a fine  attractive tree for your garden plus mavy fruits.


PeachRELIANCE                       Due to the inbred qualities Reliance has probably achieved it,s name, for it  is very cold hardy, producing medium to large plump fruit,  with a golden flesh. (Reliance was developed in New Hampshire, ) The sweet mild flavour makes it very popular and is primarily used in the canning industry, the pink flowers of Reliance turn into a fruit with a  beautiful red skin.


I would love to see a picture of the peach RobiRobin looking for a Robin Red Breast peachn Red Breast,  for in searching, all I can find is about the bird and not the peach, so I  would  ask anyone who has  picture to sent it so I may include it.  Peach  Robin Red Breast, was discovered on The Isle of Wight U.K. in 1979, and  yes you have guessed that it has a red skin, the flavour is said to be good and, full of juice, the peach tree of Robin Red Breast is also leaf curl  resistant, which will save you a problem in growing.

The peach tree originated in China, and was mentioned in  the book by confucius, dated 1st century B.C.

Peach trees usually require a well drained loam type soil. To kill “over wintering spores”, hang mothballs from the branches, (Add a few  fairy  lights with them, and your neighbours will think you have found a  different  type of christmas tree. Alternatively, if you make a light cover (this may depend on the tree height) to keep off the icy rain and frost, this will help control leaf curl.

Whichever peach tree you decide on, may your choice be  full  of flavour and full of dribability.

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