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Pecan nut orchard               In looking for the for the desciption of a Pecan tree some say it is not a “showy” tree whilst others have said it is a “beautiful” tree providing lots of shade,as it does not leaf shed until late fall/autumn just around the time of the nuts maturing.

The HARDY PECAN description of the tree includes that it is ideal for the lawn, beware this tree reaches 100 feet in height and up to 75 feet in width. Whilst the tree will crop better with a second  tree nearby, they are moderately tolerant to salt or alkali soils with Pecan nutsmoderate watering requirements and  practically immune to attack by insects. Bearing nuts when it is 12-15 years old, the yeild is an abundance of sweet tasting, full of flavour nuts. if you have the room this green to yellow/ orange coloured leaves (in fall) does look majestic and colourful.

The pecan tree is part of the Carya group of trees or the commonly known name of Hickory in this case it is known asCarya illinoinensis Pecan, the nuts of course can be used in many forms of  food as well as eating immediately after picking, if you choose a pecan tree you will wonder at the great varieties, as they have Pecan nuts ripening on the treedeveloped with various differences from bearing fruit in earlier life to fast growing, heavy fruit bearing, whilst some grow in sub-tropical areas and others that will grow in almost any type of enviroment, wiyh such a large choice of pecan trees you can even find those which are not so tall yet still very good croppers, giving you a wide choice to suit your requirements, your local grower is sure to advise you on the extesive range of Pecans.

If you live in the Southwestern type of desert climate, possibly the best cropper for the area would be WICHITA, pecan being one of my favourite  nuts (yes I will eat it plain, salted, in chocolates,  or any type of cooking), truly a tree to give you a rich reward for your labours.

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