Plants Thriving In Small Spaces

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Plants Thriving In Small Spaces

Written by Marron Gildea Realtors

If you do not have much space in your garden or just feel like growing some plants indoors, your choice might go for plants that require very little amount of space and not much light. Fortunately these indoor plants allow you to reap the benefits of gardening while still remaining indoors.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is also commonly referred to as the closet plant. This is because it requires a minimal amount of sunlight to stay alive. Direct sunlight would, in fact, damage this plant. If you intend to grow the peace lily, some simple rules would need to be followed. The plant does not like too much water and too much sun. It would only need to be watered when its leaves are drooping.

African Violet

This is another plant that requires minimal amount of maintenance and which stays healthy quite effortlessly. Much like the peace lily, the African violet would not be needing too much sunlight. A few hours in the morning might be enough. Even though its soil should be kept moist, this plant does not like an excess of water.


Cacti do not generally need much water at all. A few drips once in a while would be enough to keep the plant alive. This plant is better kept in clay pots as the materials absorbs humidity quickly. The cactus thrives in bright areas and would be needing a few hours of direct sunlight daily.

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