Settling Construction Disputes Out of Court

Oct 20, 2016 by

Accidents and conflicts of interest can and do happen on the construction site. Even if a strong case can be made, not every dispute should be taken to court. In fact, sometimes choosing to settle things outside the courtroom is the better option. Private mediation can deliver both quicker results while remaining cost-effective.

Alternative dispute resolution, known as ADR, allows for both parties to negotiate and settle their conflict of interest without stepping inside a courtroom. For example, one method of alternative dispute resolution is construction mediation. This form of ADR is often used in cases where there are disputes involving contracts. By facilitating negotiation, the mediator can assist with coming with an effective solution that will best fit the needs of both parties.

Mediation is especially effective for parties who wish to continue working together but require assistance with smoothing over any legal or contractual hurdles in the process. Construction consulting services are another effective method when it comes to settling any disputes outside the court. These knowledgeable professionals bridge the gap between contractors and owners by facilitating communication and mediating disputes when necessary.

Taking a case to court is not only time consuming, but can severely damage working relationships and even result in a loss, says Lyle Charles Consulting. Therefore, consider alternative dispute resolution when possible. Mediation and consulting services can allow you to handle contractual problems without going through the burdensome process of taking a case to court. These professionals can provide the assistance you require while saving time and money.

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