Synthetic rattan for furniture

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Synthetic rattan for furniture

Furniture industry is facing new challenge every day thus innovation and research is a must in this industry. In past years most of the furniture company around the world can rely to natural materials such as teak wood and rattan. Since the logging is being limited by certain government around the world to reduce the effect of global warming the furniture company turns their mind set into cheap synthetic rattan as the favorite materials to produce high quality furniture.

As you know, the illegal logging around the world has made the earth warmer than before and the climate is being affected by the global warming effect. If the effect of global warming is not reduced by people around the world, there are many disasters will threatened people around the world. The furniture company chooses cheap synthetic rattan as their materials to produce high quality furniture due to the uniqueness and the durability of synthetic rattan. The cheap synthetic rattan is made from superior polyethylene based fiber which has strength, durability against weather and temperature condition and it is also smudge proof. Other features of the cheap synthetic rattan are; it is resistant to ultraviolet, recycle able material, natural looking material, pest and fungus free and it is also custom grading. The cheap synthetic rattan which is available in the international market is divided into three different types. The first type is Polyrod, it is a solid round and profiled polyethylene fiber which available in different diameters. Some of the common dimensions are 2.0mm, 2.2mm, 2,7mm, 3.0mm and 4.0mm. The second type is Polypeel, it is a semi-circular profiled polyethylene fiber which is available in three standard profiles; flat oval peel, half moon peel and oval-oval peel. The third type is Polystrap, it is a flat rectangular shaped polyethylene fiber.

Cheap synthetic rattan also has several colors to choose such as natural rattan, black, brown, red and gold. So you can combine more than one color to create attractive furniture. The other benefit using cheap synthetic rattan is free from maintenance and the furniture will be long lasting for many years ahead. To keep the model up to date with recent trend, you can combine the cheap synthetic rattan with other materials such as aluminum or steel and create new furniture models. The synthetic rattan is perfect for either indoor or outdoor furniture and if you are interested to find further information about cheap synthetic rattan furniture please visit related websites in the internet.

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