Ways to revitalize your outdoor furniture cushions

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Ways to revitalize your outdoor furniture cushions

Article provided by The Foam Factory

Have you grown tired of using the same old pair of cushions for your outdoor patio furniture? Perhaps your cushions have grown deformed and faded over time. Maybe they’ve gone through a great deal of wear and tear and undue exposure to the elements. Or maybe you just feel they look dull and bland. In any case, you might be due for a big change. Luckily, there are some projects you can undertake to bring new life to your outdoor furniture cushions.

If you hate the flowery patterns or drab gray color of your cushions, you can recolor them with paint. This will take quite a bit of work and patience, but painting your cushions gives them a whole new look while also waterproofing them and protecting them from nature and the elements. Keep in mind that you’ll have to clean the cushions thoroughly before painting them and you’ll have to apply multiple coats of paint to make sure none of the old pattern is showing through. Also, your cushions’ exteriors won’t feel as smooth as they did when you bought them.

You might not have the time or patience to paint your cushions and that’s okay. If you don’t want to paint them, another option is buying some new custom cushion covers. There are companies like Fig Leaf that sell cushion covers for outdoor furniture in a variety of sizes and colors, including elegant and unique print patterns. They have in-depth cushion size charts that will ensure that the cover fits your specific cushions’ measurements perfectly.

If your cushions have lost their shape and grown misshapen, lumpy, and uncomfortable, it might be time to look for replacement seat cushions. After years of supporting your weight, all cushions will eventually lose their shape, which can result in uncomfortable reclining on your outdoor furniture. Furthermore, if your cushions are not waterproof, they could be contaminated by mold and mildew if you’ve Justify them outdoors for too long. The Foam Factory sells brand new outdoor foam cushions made from Dryfast foam, a material strongly resistant to the moisture and liquids present outdoors. Dryfast foam is also anti-microbial, which means that organisms like bacteria, mold, and mildew will have a much harder time growing on its surface.

You can also contact The Foam Factory if you want a custom shape made for your outdoor furniture cushions. They can work with you to cut the foam into any shape you need.

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