When to Buy Artificial Grass Infill

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If you’re shopping for synthetic lawn turf for your home or commercial property, you’ve probably heard of infill — the product placed in between the blades of an artificial grass lawn. The purpose of quality infill is to add a realistic touch to the grass. Quality infill helps prop up the blades to appear like natural standing grass. Quality infill also helps to combat pet odors and bacteria. Finally, the right infill material emulates the feeling of soil when walked on, adding comfort and softness underfoot.

While infill offers many benefits, the fact is that not every project requires infill. Only some applications of synthetic turf require infill between the blades. For this reason, many consumers have a hard time figuring out whether they need to purchase infill along with their fake grass. If you’re in the market for fake grass and have a few questions about infill, here’s a brief guide created by Artificial Turf Supply to help you determine when it’s vital to add infill to your synthetic turf project.

You Have Pets

Whether you have one dog or four, you will need to buy infill if you have pets. There are many reasons why infill is vital for consumers with pets. Does your pet urinate on the turf? If your pet uses the turf to go the bathroom, infill can help combat odors associated with urine and feces. Are you concerned about your pet’s health? The right infill helps to eliminate bacteria, keeping the area clean and healthy for your four-legged friends.

Do you own a Greyhound or a dog that requires an exercise run? Another reason you might need infill if you’ve created an exercise run with synthetic turf. Infill helps to create a more durable surface, ensuring that your turf remains beautiful and intact for years to come.

High Traffic Areas

There’s no way around it: High traffic areas are prone to more wear and tear than other areas of the turf. You will need infill if you’ve installed synthetic grass in high traffic areas in your home or commercial property. As mentioned above, infill helps to create a more durable product, which means you can expect your turf to last longer even if it’s bombarded by heavy foot traffic.

Another reason it’s important to add infill to high traffic areas is because infill keeps the turf about 25 percent cooler. High traffic areas frequented by adults, children, or pets can remain cool and safe with infill.


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